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Congress Has Provided A Way For You To Get Relief From Your Debts By Eliminating Them

Congress passed a law to help people who are burdened with debt they can never repay. While people are living with this debt, they are also living with creditor harassment, possibly wage garnishments and always threatening calls. The mail box is full of letters demanding payment. The law which will help the debtors is the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy law. This law allows individuals and families needing Debt Relief to engage the services of an attorney to file a petition with the Bankruptcy Court to discharge all unsecured debts. There is no need to feel embarrassed at having to file for bankruptcy. After all Congress has instituted the process. Many people have lost their financial bearings after going through the Great Recession and finding jobs paying 80 percent of what they were earning.

When the petition is filed, all collection action on unsecured debts must stop including garnishments. Secured debts such as a payday loan or a mortgage cannot be eliminated through the bankruptcy process. A trustee is appointed by the bankruptcy court to review the list of debts and assets which the petitioner is required to file. Any asset of value such as an antique car will likely be sold by the trustee, and the proceeds from the sale will be used to pay creditors. Likewise, if a home has a lot of equity, then the trustee may force the sale of the home. This is not a frequent occurrence because most petitioners have nominal equity if any in their home.

Debt Relief through bankruptcy means that the debts will never have to be repaid either in full or in part. Petitioners are required to take a course in debt management before their bankruptcy is finalized. People wanting to declare bankruptcy must be honest about listing their debts and assets on the petition. Occasionally, people will omit something they want to keep, but this is a criminal offense and their bankruptcy petition will be dismissed.

Once the petitioner is declared bankrupt, they can find a new financial life and even get credit again. They may have to wait a year, but some credit card companies will invite you to apply immediately. However, since these creditors believe they are dealing with a known high risk person or persons, the interest rate will be very high. Many used car sales companies will sell you a car, but the payments will be high and the interest may very well be a terrible price to pay. However, the best way to start rebuilding credit is to apply for a secured credit card which means that you will have to deposit the money in a savings account to guarantee the credit card limit.

No one should bet afraid to purse the legal recourse for relief from burdensome debts. People can enjoy life again free from harassment and constant worry.