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Lose Fat With Garcinia Cambogia and HCG

Are you looking to melt off the weight before that summer vacation? The newest craze in weight loss supplements to hit the shelves is Garcinia Cambogia. Garcinia Cambogia is a small pumpkin shaped fruit native to Southern and Southeast Asia and parts of Africa.  Researchers believe that the hydroxycitric acid (HCA) is the driving force behind Garcinia’s fat-blasting powers, blocking fat and suppressing appetite. HCA also helps regulate mood so anyone taking it can get that extra boost to tackle a new workout or their workday. It can also help with the emotional eating that many people do during the day that can quickly add on the pounds.

Hydroxycitric acid inhibits an enzyme used by the body to turn carbohydrates that aren’t being used for energy into fat. There are Where to get garcinia cambogia in Los Angeles CAseveral benefits, including: curbing appetite, reducing caloric intake, promoting a healthier body weight, better mood, and a lower LDL (bad cholesterol) and triglycerides count. Look to buy pure garcinia cambogia and for brands with at least 50% HCA and less fillers and additives. Also if the supplement had added potassium salts and calcium, pick that one up. These two help the absorption of HCA into the body.

Another sudden craze to get beach ready this year has been HCG drops. HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin. It is a hormone that women produce when pregnant. There are many ways to take HCG, but the easiest form is through homeopathic drops thBurn fat woth HCG Dropsat can be bought through various carriers. The other part of the diet is to stick to a low calorie diet for 8 weeks while on the HCG, with each meal including one source of protein, vegetable, fruit, and a bread or starch source. While avoiding to intake any visible fat, the diet lets a person eat beef, fish, veal, chicken, and some other seafood. Milk products are limited to one tablespoon a day and foods containing eel, salmon, herring, tuna, and dried or pickled fish are prohibited. Vegetable choice can include: leafy greens, spinach, red onions, and asparagus. Bread choices are limited, but a piece of whole wheat toast with a meal should suffice.

Try to stay clear of white bread and foods high on the glycemic index. Fruit choices are pretty lenient. Choices can include several strawberries, half a grapefruit or an apple. One thing you don’t have to give up if your morning coffee or tea. This diet lets you drink as much coffee and tea as you’d like, alongside lots of water to keep you hydrated. Skip the soda, even diet, to get the best results!

A good plan with the two of these would be to plan ahead for what you will eat and prepare meals ahead of time. Choosing five to six smaller meals over 3 big meals will help spread out your food intake and lessen blood sugar spikes. A good breakfast can consist of a hcg diet chicken and vegetable stir-fry with toast and coffee (hold the creamer) with stevia or raw sugar. Lunch and dinner have a lot of possibilities—- you can have a beautiful salad with a side of fruit and tea; dinner can be a nicely marinated steak and veggies with tea or coffee. The best thing to do before starting is to make a meal plan so you are not scrambling at the last minute trying to find the right foods. Make sure to check out your local farmers market or a health food store so you can get the best quality and most nutritionally sound foods to help fuel your body. You won’t put regular gas in a race car, so why fuel your body with poorly crafted and overly processed foods?

Between the two of these products one should be able to get bikini ready in no time. Though diet plans can be hard to stick to, this one can be promising with helping someone in the long term process of keeping weight off and portion sizing. Garcinia Cambogia and HCG can be the answer you have always been looking for to help shed those unwanted pounds you have gained. With this diet and moderate exercise, anyone can get back the body they used to have in no time! So buy HCG drops and/or Garcinia Cambogia today and see what they can do for you.